IE Business School, No 1 in the América Economía Executive Education Ranking IE商学院被拉美著名周刊《美洲金融》评为2008年工商&#31

Madrid, November 18, 2008. IE Business School has been ranked as the best business school in the 2008 Executive Education ranking published by the Latin American magazine América Economía. IE is rated as the best school in the classification which excludes Latin American schools. The ranking places IE as the 7th best business school for…


MBA巡展登陆申城 金融”高手”回校执教成招牌

金融危机“逼”着华尔街的一些金融“高手”走进美国高校拿起教鞭,这成为今年中国MBA申请者报考国外商学院的理由。中国规模最大的MBA招生展 ———全球MBA巡展在上海举行。全球金融风暴并没有将MBA申请者的意向“吹倒”,不少参展者甚至表示,在金融危机中看到了“危中之机 ”,而经济大环境不好之际或许正是充电进修之时。
晚上6点,全球MBA巡展开展,大门一开立刻涌进了一大批参展者,他们手里拿满了资料,朝事先看好的学校摊位而去。“金融危机导致了华尔街金融人才的大量失业,同时也将其中的一部分人‘赶’ 进了大学里,除了一些是自身充电的,还有一些金融‘高手’会成为兼职教授,或是在学校里开讲座,而这些人以前基本上没机会接触,这可是千载难逢的机会,如果能拜这些人为师,肯定能学到不少宝贵的经验”。受访的多位参展者都表示了同样的期待。“这些人平时是碰不到的,即使他们在这次风暴中是失败者,但仍是金融界的翘楚,能听听他们的课一定会受益匪浅。”参展者张先生如是说。

International View of Corporate Social Responsibility

IE Focus Newsletter November 2008November 2008 | By Joaquin Garralda, Professor at IE Business School

Corporate Social Responsibility now forms an integral part of the corporate DNA, but like humans, CSR comprises different ethnic groups. Around the year 2000, large multinational firms began to understand that if there was political instability, corruption and social malaise in less developed countries and they did not have minimum levels of health and education, poverty would become structural and the effects of the situation would not be limited to the said countries, but would also affect developed markets in various ways.

In addition, supranational political bodies began to recognise the need to support the business community in order to reach the “Millennium Development Goals”, a United Nations initiative created to eradicate world poverty. One example of this recognition is the United Nations Global Compact initiative, presented to large international enterprises by Kofi Annan in a meeting at the Davos World Economic Summit (Switzerland) in 1999. For the enterprise, signing this initiative means trying to include the 10 principles (respect for human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption processes) in all their transactions, regardless of the country in which they operate. The ultimate goal is for businesses to set voluntary limits to their procedures in environments where institutional fragility or the lack of control over resources could lead to behaviour not in keeping with a more human and sustainable world.


One step further towards technological innovation

1630.jpgNovember 2008 | By Yanire Braña, Professor at IE Business School

Itâ??s true that science and technology are the future, but some still face too many obstacles when it comes to accessing todayâ??s knowledge. The development of technological innovation is one of the main factors for guaranteeing long-term economic growth and minimising associated risks and entry barriers.

The responsible use of science and technology requires first of all solving or at least minimising the associated risks and problems. By the same token, the promotion of technological innovation also requires that the current tension among the players involved in the production of science and technology be solved, and that common ground for understanding among social, scientific and political interests be found. However, with a view to approaching innovation from other standpoints, it is our responsibility to reconcile science with society. In this particular case, the Minister of Innovation, Cristina Garmendia, has recently highlighted the need to combat the new forms of social and economic exclusion generated by unequal access to the knowledge society in which we live.

Indeed, unequal access to knowledge, which is largely due to the lack of technological know-how or resources, should be the first barrier to be overcome. The current gender gap regarding the use and adoption of technologies in Spain reveals an urgent need for measures and initiatives aimed at supporting women´s progress in the world of science and technology.


IE holds the No. 2 position worldwide in the Business Week ranking of non-US MBA programs! IE商学院最新被《商业周刊》排名为全球MBA第二&#20301

Madrid, 14 November 2008. IE Business School holds the No. 2 position worldwide in the BusinessWeek ranking of non-US MBA programs. The authors of the ranking, published every two years, pointed to the student body of IE’s International MBA Program as one of the key factors for success. Students on the program come from 57…