IE Business School: Master in Management students win 2nd prize in Novartis Masterminds Challenge

“Does Marketing Run through your veins?” This was the slogan for this year’s Novartis Masterminds Challenge, a marketing competition sponsored by the leading farmaceutical company with the objective to search for professionals with management skills and passion to demonstrate their talent, lead and execute a marketing plan in the healthcare sector. Our Master in Management…


A… telephone?

By Enrique Dans, Professor at IE Business School Many people use their mobile phone for much more than speaking, with the result that mobiles are now designed to fit well in your hands rather than against your ear. They’re no longer phones. They’re computers.I have always been particularly interested in adaptation processes where technology is…


Climate Change: Reach a decision, please!

By Prof. Javier Carrillo, Professor at IE Business School The inability to reach an international agreement which would bring continuity to the current Kyoto Protocol is incomprehensible, from both an environmental and business perspective.After 12 days of intense work, last weekend saw the closure of the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP 15) of the…


IE Business School launches on iTunesU

As first Spanish business School IE launched this week its content on iTunesU. It’s an exciting project and provides insights about the academic sphere for interested academics and candidates . The IE Multimedia Campus was the first step to generate this content but iTunesU facilitates to take it on the move, watching and listing to…


How MBA students learn from psychology

Experimental findings and methods in the behavioral sciences are becoming increasingly important in fields like economics and finance which until the last few decades relied heavily on models of rationality that often failed to predict real world behavior. As Professor Lee Newman comments, “We can study how people should behave and how people actually behave.…


How do you know a Law degree is for you?

Soledad Atienza, the director of the Bachelor of Laws, talks about the future for lawyers, and what it takes to follow your passion. “Nowadays lawyers need more than just legal training to become successful lawyers.  They need to be business oriented, they need to be trained in management, they need to be innovative and they need to be international.”  


What made you realize that Law was what you wanted to study?  

I was looking for a program that would open my mind to the professional world, not just to the legal field, but also the business and political world; a program that would help me understand the way the world is run and how companies, governments and people interact.  My law degree has given me the perfect frame to work in different professions, always being able to apply the legal knowledge and skills I have acquired studying law. 

What advice can you give to someone who is considering studying a degree in Law?

 If you want to become a lawyer, you should know that the legal profession is a hard one; if you practice as a lawyer you will have a lot of responsibility and you will work long hours.  But in return it will give you independence and an intellectual profession– Independence because you will have to make decisions concerning your clients based on your own analysis of the situation and recommending what you consider is best for your client or telling them what is right and what is wrong. And it is intellectual because this profession is about studying and thinking.  

This is a degree that will open doors to the professional world.  You will be trained to practice the law but you will be ready to do nearly anything you want in the business and political world. 


Europe’s Science Week: IE University launches online game among students around Europe

IE University has designed an online game that brings interdisciplinary, international and collaborative aspects of science to students all over Europe. “The International Lake Game Competition” is an interactive game played over the internet, whereby participants gain first-hand experience of the tension involved in deciding between cooperating for the good of their community, or opting…


IE among Top 10 Business Schools worldwide in Aspen Institute’s Sustainability Survey

IE Business School is 9th in the world ranking of MBA programs published by the Aspen Institute´s Beyond Grey Pinstripes.  The biennial survey and alternative ranking of business schools evaluates the proper integration of social and environmental issues in MBA programs of the 149 best business schools worldwide.  This year’s ninth position – and the…


IE School of Architecture: Controlled chaos and the vision of a business school

IE School of Architecture (Madrid/Segovia) and Architectural Association School of Architecture (London) organized from 16 to 25 of July a summer course to work on the remodeling of the AZCA financial district. In this workshop 20 future architects from 9 different countries from prestigious architect schools like Harvard, Basil and Glasgow participated. The objective of…


Do you Twitter?

If you twitter, do you follow any of IE’s twitters so far? Here you can find out about curious things about IE Business School, the IE University and most activities which are running across the world. If you live in Asia, you definitely should sign up for the IE Follower with many exciting news from…