‘Live the IE Experience” 2008 IMBA Segovia 开学典礼纪行

IE商学院(以下简称IE)今年IMBA 的开学典礼是在距离马德里约45分钟车程的Segovia 的SEK University校园举行的。由于IE致力于称为“A Leading Global Full Service Business School“, IE于2007年1月正式收购SEK University。
SEK University的校园主体建筑其实是一个建于13世纪的修道院,即使在校园里随处可见来自建筑系,生物系,艺术系,心理学系的年轻学生,空气里总能嗅到那股来自久远年代的宗教味和学术味,混在一起倒也赋予了SEK校园独特的古老与现代并存的风格。

IE Business School welcomes international experts to the 2nd IE Social Responsibility Forum

On November 14-15 IE Business School played host to internationally renowned experts in corporate responsibility at the 2nd Social Responsibility Forum, an event focused on best practices used to promote the positive social impact of business organisations. The workshops were organised by students on the IE International MBA program, and were sponsored by Acciona and…


Did you know? – Famous Spaniards

Every country has its famous people everybody knows and is proud of. Spaniards, as you will see from this non-exclusive and well reduced list, can be characterized by creativity and innovation. Painters and artists in general have these attributes but also business men who innovated largely in their industries and are chosen by many others…