Thanks to China Economic Review saying “we are VERY MUCH INTERNATIONAL in spite of Spanish origin”

12月4日China Economic Review发表了题为FT puts IE Business School at No. 5 in Europe 的文章。 值得一提的是,文章强调IE商学院虽然发源于西班牙,但却是一所非常国际化的商学院,教学机制和运作与北美商学院类似。作为IE的校友,对这位老记第一次这么大声地在中国媒体为在西班牙的IIE挣“international”的名份,惊喜之情难以言表。 以下是全文,以飨诸君。 IE Business School (the IE stands for Instituto de Empresa showing its Spanish origin but it is very much a Business School in the American tradition) is ranked No. 5 in Europe and No. 1 in Spain in the latest…


Dual Degree in Logistics with MIT

In todayâ??s business environment, companies must produce innovative products at a low cost and effectively deliver them to customers around the world. Globalization has driven supply chain management and logistics to the forefront of business strategy and created the need for a new kind of business leader. In recognition of this development, IE Business School…



Ang Lee’s new film, an espionage thriller set in WWII-era Shanghai. Tony Leung stars as Mr. Yee, a powerful political figure in 1940s Shanghai. Tang Wei, makes her feature film debut as Wang Jiazhi, a young woman who gets swept up in a dangerous game of emotional intrigue with Mr. Yee.

Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century: New Challenges

IE Business School and the Fundación Eduardo Barreiros joined forces to run a debate workshop on â??Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century: New Challengesâ?, designed to promote business start-ups as an engine for wealth, social well-being and job creation. The event was attended by senior directors of leading firms who debated new challenges facing entrepreneurs in…


Antonio Ricci : 在亚洲,非洲,俄罗斯为瑞典公司工作的意大利人

之所以将这位意大利老兄作为Chinese Community的客人是因为: 第一,他现在管辖的很多业务都与中国市场有关,“金砖四国”中除了巴西他没有涉猎,对中国,印度,俄罗斯市场都颇为了解; 第二,作为IE的国际EMBA 2008学生,明年1月他要去上海复旦大学管理学院进行为期2周的交流学习。然后眼前就浮现这位意大利老兄奔波于各国际航班之间的场景,没有固定的周末,生活和工作没有明显界限,生活于旅行中,在旅行中工作。
Antonio Ricci是刚刚入读IE 国际EMBA 2008年课程的校友,这个课程历时13个月,一共由5个学习阶段组成。其中第一,三,五阶段都是以2周为一阶段的传统课堂学习,其中第一和第五阶段是在马德里校园,第二阶段则在上海,剩下所有的课程则都是在网络上进行。这两周是Antonio在IE 国际EMBA学习的第一阶段。
跟Antonio的闲聊是在学校附近的一个非常西班牙的cafeteria里进行的,照片左部背景是煮咖啡机<顺便说一句,西班牙随便什么cafeteria里的café con leche(咖啡混牛奶)都很不错,而且味道还不同,难道是因为所用的不同的煮咖啡机的缘故?>, 右部背景是各种烈酒,饮料,和果汁(我一直很惊讶于西班牙人在上午11点空腹喝啤酒的事实,呵呵)。通常在上午11点至12点,或者下午2点到5点,cafeteria里总是站满了人,上午加餐的,或者吃中饭的。
关于Antonio Ricci
Antonio Ricci 现任瑞典爱立信公司的director of Network Solutions,曾经是爱立信在Mobile Data business 和Packet Switched Core Network在印度,俄罗斯,亚洲和非洲等被称之为High Growth 市场的Director of Business Development。