1st IE-Caja Madrid Venture Day for Expansion and Development Projects


IE Business School celebrates the 1st IE-Caja Madrid Venture Day for Expansion and Development Projects, which will take place on May 7, at 7.30pm in the Aula Magna of the IE Business School.

11 companies created by IE Alumni, selected from a total of 50 candidates, will be presenting their expansion and growth plans to the investor community. Although there are various initiatives in the market designed to foster the generation of seed capital (funding for business start-ups), there are no schemes that provide support for subsequent phases. This new project, which enjoys the support of Caja Madrid, enables IE Business School to take its commitment to entrepreneurship to new levels, opening new windows of opportunity in the form of investor support for companies that have already proved themselves in the market and are now looking to expand.

Investors will find that this new IE-Caja Madrid initiative brings companies with sustainable growth projects based on solid foundations. These well-structured expansion plans are the result of experience in the market, and come with teams molded by standards of excellence in a leading business school where the entrepreneurial spirit forms part of the day-to-day fabric of learning.


Even more diverse!


April 2008 | By Margarita Alonso, Professor of Diversity Management at IE Business School

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now facing an even greater challenge than gender equality- that of non discrimination against homosexuals in the workplace. Learn how itâ??s done.

Many companies have still not managed to break down the barriers that discriminate against women and disabled workers, and still face challenges in terms of reconciling workers and finding imaginative formulas to attract and retain young talent. And now an even more difficult challenge has appeared: what to do with gays and lesbians.

More than a year ago now, a group of students took the initiative and set up IEOut, the first known LGBT network in a business school in Spain. It was a challenge that was not entirely free from controversy.

This experience, and several studies in progress, have enabled us to learn a great deal. We have achieved our objective in that we are now in a position to give guidelines and advice to firms that want to include this collective in their diversity policies.