IE Office in Singapore

One of the most mysterious and misunderstood aspects of the entire digital revolution is WHAT MAKES ONLINE BRANDED CONTENT AND CAMPAIGNS GO VIRAL?

Many IE candidates in South East Asia were lucky to join the masterclass from IE Prof Brian Hallett. Prof. Hallett is a professional photographer and film director as well as Professor in the Master of Visual & Digital Media and the International MBA. His specialty is Story Telling. Brian explained in an interactive manner the “7 secrets of viral content”. The most revealing of these secrets is to craft content to reach not your direct audience but the audience of your audience. So, think what the audience of your audience might like and frame the content in a way that your direct audience is happy to share it with their audience. Sounds easier than it is!

If you missed this class, join the IE Coursera Specialization on Branding where you can see Brian Hallett in action!