Last week, on March 8th the International Women’s day was celebrated across the world.

On this occasion, Santiago Iñiguez, president of IE University, reflected on “Why we need more women in business case studies”. He argued that although the reality is that there is less women in business, this is not an excuse for not having case studies including women in the classroom. He pointed out that business schools have a key role in this regard:

the role of business schools is more than to simply describe reality, to explain how companies work; they have a critical and prescriptive role to help develop models to inspire entrepreneurs, models that can serve as ways to build organizations to not only be more effective but also fairer. Female CEOs of large organizations are still a minority, but this is no reason not to design programs that include stories that will inspire future generations of women and help achieve more balanced management cadres. This can only be better for companies and for society.”

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From IE, we believe that in order to empower women across the globe, the best way is through education. More women in the classroom means more women in top positions, as entrepreneurs and investors, and important decision-makers in the global sphere.

We take this commitment seriously and that is why we organize different initiatives, events, and scholarships, to encourage more women in education. We develop specific programs, networking activities and research aimed at the development of women in business, promoting them to the leading responsibilities in companies and organizations.

To commemorate International Women’s Day from the IE Women inititive we launched an inspirational video to celebrate the contributions both men and women have shared towards the creation of a new paradigm and the legacy we’re going to leave behind. Because change comes from her. And him. And you. Pass it on.