On February 7th, the third day of the first lunar month, the IE China Club successfully hosted the Chinese New Year Celebration on campus. Ms. Liu Wenqiu, the Cultural Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Spain; Santiago Iñiguez, President of IE University; Mr. Jin Wei, General Manager of Huawei, Spain; Joaquín Bellido, general manager of BYD, Spain, along with José Ignacio Aldasoro, General Manager of the Loyal Insurance for Spain, all gave their New Year speech.

The picture was first published by the news media called “The voice of Spain”, run by the Chinse Embassy in Spain: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/jSNrkPJr_bHke20f5tn3XA

Not only a celebration party for Chinese students, this event also aimed to promote the Chinese traditional culture. The following activities were held: writing Chinese names for foreign people, Chinese calligraphy display, clipping marbles with chopsticks, sugar painting, designing New Year decorations, Hanfu (a traditional costume in Han Dynasty) experience, etc., were all presented in a fun way to engage foreign students on campus. Other stage performances such as dragon dance, Peking opera, Guqin (a Chinese traditional string instrument) and martial arts also added a lot of New Year atmosphere to the scene.


The world now witnesses the China speed. More and more foreigners are curious about the mysterious East. People are trying hard to learn some simple Chinese, to understand Chinese companies and to explore the modernization of Chinese cities. Mr. Jin Wei, the general manager of Huawei Spain, talked about Huawei’s growth, which reflected the common characteristics of “Made in China” in the new era: increasing investment in scientific research/innovation and the wide use of applied technology.


Promoting Chinese culture is the responsibility of every Chinese student who studies abroad. Facing the rapid growth of interaction between Chinese and other countries, we should definitely try to know the world and, at the same time, let the worlds know us better, with a more open mind set.