Today about one third of our full time MBA program class is composed of women professionals from all over the globe, and if you consider our top-ranked blended programs, female participation reaches more than forty percent. However, our belief that an MBA is an essential tool for professional advancement towards senior executive positions drives us to do better. That is why this year we are organizing The Women in Business Tour, a series of events focused on professional women across APAC Region. We strive to create a forum where professional women can connect and engage in topics focused on female senior leadership and executive board positions.

Following this direction, IE Korea Office is strongly committed to the agenda of supporting women in their transition to leadership positions, so we have developed female networking events which focus on the positioning and career opportunities that women can benefit from as a result of a changing world and growing diversity in the workplace.

The first Women@MBA event in Seoul, Korea will be held on the 28th of January at 19.00, as part of APAC region series, and will feature strong guest speakers from various organizations. This event is designed to provide interactive talk session to network, provide information, and share MBA experiences.

The speakers include:

  • Ms. Jenny Jimin Lee, Manager of Electrical and Electronic Materials Marketing Department at POSCO group
  • Ms. Seoyoung Koh, Manager of Long-term product development team at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance
  • Ms. Minjung Kim, Category Manager of Marketing team at Lotte Chilsung Beverage Co

This event series will allow participants to meet and greet with strong alumni and learn about MBA experiences and how it influenced their career. Join us and register here!

You may also take this opportunity to sign up for a One-to-One Consultation with Ms. Irina Deneanu, Regional Coordinator for APAC for insights on the programs and the application process at IE as well as registering for several informative events from the 25th to 29th of January through our event page.

We look forward to meeting you in these upcoming events!