IEUSSAnother exciting week with tons of action and fun is scheduled this summer in Segovia (Spain). The IE University Summer School opens its doors to wish-to-be-social entrepreneurial High School students under the theme: Striving for change through social entrepreneurship.

The program provides students with new ideas and skills in order to help them think about our society’s most pressing issues in different and innovative ways. Using the design thinking methodology, students will tackle an existing social issue by focusing on transforming ideas into real opportunities.

Social Entrepreneurs use the design thinking methodology to help them think out of the box about social and global issues. Using this methodology, you will develop within a Global Action Team a grass-root social entrepreneurship project, centered on different topics, such as culture, ecology, sports, social justice and other. Interact with other students and social entrepreneurs who share your concern about our society’s most pressing problems and put an innovative battle plan into action.

The summer school will be hosted in IE Universities’ beautiful historic campus in Segovia, Spain. Housed in a 15th century convent, this perfect setting will inspire you in your quest for new ideas to achieve social change. You’ll also be able to explore the surrounding areas, and enjoy and absorb all the history and culture that Spain has to offer.

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