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Tyba, a project from IE University BBA program, wins the Public Vote Award of this year The Next Web Europe Conference.

Tyba, created by Eiso Kant (22), Jorge Schnura (22) and Philip Von Have (24), all final-year students of IE University’s Bachelor in Business Administration, is an online recruitment tool that permits students and recent graduates to showcase all their professional potential. Young people have been under-represented in the online talent recruitment revolution. Large firms receive hundreds of applications for every job they offer with CVs that are so similar that it is impossible to do an initial screening, and SMEs do not have enough clout to attract the attention of young candidates, and end up spending a great deal of time and money on the search for talent.

Tyba provides a platform where companies can search for, screen, organize and follow up on potential candidates, making it easy to gain fast access to candidates with innovative profiles. Candidates not only provide a description of their professional and academic achievements, but also present intangibles such as personality traits and what they can contribute to the firm, all key factors when it comes to recruiting young people.

Tyba opened its offices in September of 2011 and now has a team comprising 12 people of nine different nationalities. It has obtained €240,000 in funding to date and is currently in the process of raising further funds with a view to expanding to new markets.