Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation - MIT Global SCALE Network Center in Asia - Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain InnovationIE Business School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have been collaborating in both the US and Spain for some time now, primarily through the offering of a Dual Degree option for the International MBA, our 1-year full time MBA program.  Until now, graduates of the Dual Degree could go on to complete a Master of Engineering in Logistics in Boston or the Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Zaragoza.  Now however our International MBA students have a third option: a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management at MIT’s facilities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. These Dual Degree options form part of the MIT Global Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence (SCALE) Network; an international alliance of leading-edge research and education centers, dedicated to the development and dissemination of global innovation in supply chain and logistics.

The Dual Degree option allows students to take the core courses of the International MBA (starting in the November intake) and instead of going through the elective part, students will already join the one year MSc in Supply Chain Management, either in Spain, US or Malaysia. More information on this and other Dual Degree option of the International MBA click here.