Prof. Dr. Martin BoehmIn an upcoming talk about “How to create successful brands” (Singapore, April 17, 19.00, register here) Prof. Dr. Martin Boehm will reveal the strategic role that brands play in driving business growth and profitability and why have brands become key assets in organizations.

In a highly competitive and saturated market environment, building strong brands has become an imperative need. The best way to keep customers and attract new ones is to ensure you have a unique value proposition that is both rationally and emotionally different.

To know Prof Boehm a little better, we asked him some questions about himself and why he is so passionate about branding and marketing. Another impression you can gain from this short video.

How did you come to IE?

As a faculty member I was interested in working at a business schools which is among the best business schools in the world and at the same time follows a very practical, hands-on approach to teaching and research.

What is your background?

I am a marketer by training. However, before joining IE Business School I also gained experience in the management consulting industry.

Why are you is so passionate about what you teach

Marketing rocks! It rules the world.

What do you learn from IE students?

As I am teaching marketing at IE Business School, I am in the fortunate situation to teach a subject which is accessible to everybody. Students are more than happy to share interesting marketing stories from around the world. This provides me with the great opportunity to constantly learn about new marketing ideas and concepts.