Let’s face it – at least one of the reasons you attend business school is to enhance your career prospects. At IE, we will provide you with the competitive edge to succeed in the job market by helping you to take charge and drive your career in the right direction. The tools you will be able to acquire during your Master in Management program will not only enable you to increase your own value proposition based on an excellent education but also your marketability. Some of the resources we provide to help you to kick-start your career are:

The Career Strategy Personal and Professional Development Workshop Series to develop skills in areas such as networking, interviewing, résumé and cover letter writing, as well as negotiations

Access to trained career counselors, the IE Job Bank and the yearly IE Careers Fair that hosts more than 100 international companies

The Careers Immersion Week and Executive Insights Series

The opportunity to gain practical experience during the Corporate Immersion Week

Please check out also the video below for more detailed information on how IE can help you to achieve your career goals.

Post first published on the Master in Management Blog.