The Other Side | By Felix Validvieso, Director of Communication at IE Business School

Some time ago, a friend of mine said to me “you know, Felix, what I want around me are not incredible people, colleagues, friends whom I can brag about… but just pleasant people. You know, people who make your life easy, plain and simple.” Well, not that you cannot brag about how knowledgeable Information Systems Professor Kiron Ravindran is, no, it’s just that when you interact with him, you realize that things just go smoothly – the way my friend told me they should go. I am sure you would like some evidence.

When I suggested we shoot a video, he proposed at the end of his email: “[Cut to me jumping off a bridge…on a bungee]”. I must confess that I have thought of bungee jumping as one option, but it is also true that I never thought of finding a professor who would actually make that idea a reality.

Moreover, the amazing thing is after jumping he said to me:
Felix, I gotta jump again.
Fine, Kiron, we’ll come another day.
No,I mean now.

And that is what he did. Jumped again. This time head first, which is what you are going to see in this video.
After the shooting we went to the favorite place of bikers around Madrid, “La Cruz Verde”, and had some amazing black pudding, sausage, and chorizo sandwiches. No vegetarian was seen within a 100 miles”.