Are you considering accelerating your career in capital markets or investment banking, or switching from other professional fields to finance? Do you see yourself as the future CFO – Chief Financial Officer – of a company? Are you interested in working as an entrepreneur with a firm supported by private equity, perhaps leveraging opportunities provided by microfinance? However, you are still thinking if you should do an MBA or a specialized master in finance program…  So, watch Chris (New Zealand) when he talks about why he chose to study both the International MBA and the Master in Advanced Finance, and the benefits he believes students with Dual Degrees have when rejoining the workforce.

To learn more about exciting career opportunities for Dual Degree students, join the virtual session today with Ignacio de la Torre, Academic Director of the Master in Finance Programs, and Belén de Fontcuberta, Associate Director of Careers Management Center.

Virtual Session – Career Opportunities for Dual Degree students

Wednesday, January 16 at 5pm Madrid time (GMT +1)

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