IE University holds the No. 43 position worldwide in the International Herald Tribune ranking of the main universities that employers intend to recruit from in the future, and which have the best graduates.

The ranking is based on the opinion of 2,200 CEOs and top-tier executives from 1,000 companies in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the US and the UK, about the best 150 universities in terms of employability. US universities Harvard and Yale lead the ranking, followed by Cambridge and Oxford in the UK. There are 2 Spanish universities in the top 50, Navarra University (34) and IE University (43), which further consolidates IE University’s position in this second edition of the international ranking. Nineteen of the top 50 universities are in the US, 19 in Europe, 9 in Asia and 3 in Australia.

International Herald Tribune drafted the report in collaboration with consultancy firms Emerging (France) andTrendence (Germany), with a view to analyzing the opinions of top international executives about the quality of universities in their respective countries and continents, as well as other world regions. Some of the main findings are that recruiters hire graduates in universities which are in close contact with the corporate world and whose students gain professional experience during their studies, and companies attach greater importance to the development of social skills such as the capacity to do presentations, motivation and teamwork, than to theoretical knowledge.
“At a time when the employability of future graduates is more important than ever it is very satisfying to see that recruiters worldwide have once again shown that they have a high level of confidence in our students,” said Salvador Carmona, Rector of IE University.
In order to examine issues like the challenges universities face in terms of demand in a globalized world,  the strength of emerging markets like Asia or the Arab world, and innovation in teaching methods, IE University organized the conference on  Reinventing Higher Education which took place this week. Participants included experts from international institutions like Oxford University, Brown University, the World Economic Forum, Wikipedia, Alexandria Trust and the British Council.