IE Passport to Passion Workshop – Seoul

Are you passionate about what you are doing? You should… but it’s always good to have some others to regain your passion. This was the objective of the recent IE workshops “Passport to Passion” in Seoul and Tokyo.

Professors Paris de L’Etraz and Professor Mario Alonzo Puig provided a three and half hour training session  to help the audience re-evaluate their professional source of passion and guide their thinking for revitalizing their creativity.

Workshop attendees were highly enthusiatic about the topic of stepping outside of one’s professional comfort zone, and the discussions during the group work session became very animated. One attendee commented: ‘Coming from an engineering background I found this session very helpful and eye-opening. It was fun and interesting to follow, with lots of examples.’

Prof. De L’Etraz’s tales of his ‘de-quanting’ process and Prof. Puig’s ‘inner voice’ brought laughs to the audience, while their in-depth knowledge about both why and how one must change were enlightening. A current applicant noted: ‘I really enjoyed today’s event. I love IE more than before. The professors are very impressive, and I’d like to open my mind more widely’.