A Master Degree at a non-local institution is always about accessing new and different networks. You will gain, of course, cultural insights and regional specific knowledge but what for?  Just for the sake of it, just to have personal challenge, to be different or – to work in that specific region or build up business relationships to that region once back home. You might agree that it is for the latter one. But, how do you gain this job, how do you create this relationships? Through NETWORKS.

Over the last 10 years IE has been growing its network strongly in Asia. Along with the creation of IE Offices in Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, India and Australia, the alumni network has been growing steadily to reach about 800 alumni within Asia. As in many countries there are regular alumni meetings, like the IE Peña in Singapore. The IE Singapore Club is getting together every first Wednesday every month following the IE tradition of the Bar of the Week back in Madrid.

In these get-together you meet incoming students learning about the life in Madrid and on campus from graduates, IE entrepreneurs exchanging business ideas and exploring joint ventures, graduates celebrating their new jobs, job seekers who explore Singapore as a possible destination of their next career step, new-comers to Singapore who just get settled as they secured their jobs from overseas – and the “core” enjoying the city both personally as well as professionally.

Why not be part of this network?