How to deliver knowledge is a difficult task; to make students understand and remember it is even harder. It is not a secret that here at IE Business School, case studies are an essential part of the IE learning experience, as they portray one of the most effective ways to develop and assess a student’s problem-solving skills.

The case method helps professors not only strengthen their students’ abilities to creatively approach complex problems in unfamiliar settings, but also to structure their thinking and reach sensible conclusions in a short period of time based on the facts available – like in the real world, only with a little guidance. In addition to the case study, other tools are used on a regular basis to make class content as appealing as possible.

Check out the video below to experience how a topic such as on segmentation, positioning and differentiation might be complemented at IE Business School in a didactical and entertaining way.

If you find the video interesting enough, you can explore more through the multimedia technical note on this topic, freely available on the IE Multimedia platform.

This post was first published on the IE Master in Management Blog.