Since yesterday to March 30th 2012, IE University’s Junior Advisory Board will hold its fourth annual meeting. Founded in 2009, organized and promoted by IE School of Arts and Humanities, Junior Advisory Board is a highly selective group of pre-university students, aged from 16 to 18, who advise IE University about the future of university education.

Members of the board serve as advisors to IE University, and offer their unique and practical perspective about education.  However, unlike most advisory boards, the Junior Advisory Board is made up of teenagers.  The board is made of members who are still in high school so that IE can understand and appreciate the expectations of the rising university student and incorporate their excitement and insight into its dynamic educational programs.

IE’s Junior Advisory Board members represent five regions of the world; Europe, United States of America, Latin America, Africa and Asia. This year´s committee comprises of twelve pre-university students, all with an international profile.

They will meet in Madrid and Segovia to debate the challenges facing university education. The members of the International Junior Advisory Board were selected using IE’s network of 23 international offices in 20 countries, and are from: Zimbabwe, Turkey, Germany, Slovenia, South Africa, Colombia, India, Peru, Wales, Romania, Spain, and the US.

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