IE China Club hosted the Chinese New Year event on 19th January 2012, celebrating the Year of Dragon.

The Ambassador of China to Spain, Mr. Zhu Bangzao, has attended as the Guest of Honour delivery the opening speech for this event. Around 80 corporative executives from the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Caja, Telefónica, BBVA, IBM, Loewe, Peugeot España, ZTE, BMW, LAVINIA, Hotel Ritz Madrid, Organe, have participated the event.

The IE Chinese Dragon Year 2012 event is organised by the world-class institution’s China Club was been held at Serrano 99. The event has featured by cultural events which include performance such as Lion Dance, Martial Arts, Face-changing, Pekin Opera, Chinese musical instrument and vocal performances collaborated with Ouhua News agency (El Madarín), the only official Chinese news agency in Madrid, and VIP cocktail reception with LAVINIA.

The event is sponsored by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, ITC , YouMobile, Casa Asia, China Club Spain and Ouhua News, the largest Chinese press in Spain.


1月19日下午4点至9点,IE商学院(IE Business School)和IE中国会在西班牙马德里Serrano大街 99号 的户外空间隆重举行 IE 中国龙年活动庆典2012。旨在认识并了解中国文化,以精湛的文化活动和东方美食鉴赏,中西合璧为契机,本次活动不仅面向学校来自全球90国超过1000名管理精英中推广­了中国正宗”年”文化,而且将作为一系列以IE商学院为基石的商业合作和创业论坛的起步,积极地和国内顶级商学院和大型企业和企业背后的管理巨人资源进行交流互换。