How can you convince top managers to invest more in corporate communication? Experts from top leading institutions give their opinion and provide us with good arguments on why corporate communication is important . Hereafter some quotations from the video “The importance of Corporate Communication”.

– “Companies understood that communication has to be supported  by behavior, […] making a big claim is
easy to do, supporting it is the real challenge” (Stephen Greyser, Harvard University)

-“Times are in constant movement [… ]Companies disappear, appear  again [branding and corporate communication] are the tools to make your offer  tangible and speak to your audiences” (Gabor Shereier, Saffron Brand Consultant)

– “Companies realize that they are not able any more to have a strong  impact on the image they have out there [.. ] through corporate communication  you make the company build dialogues [..] shaping the perception”  (Francesco Lurati, University of Lugano)

– “Today’s issue is communication.  Either you communicate or you do not have success!” (Emanuele Invernizzi, EUPRERA-  IULM University)

“We are moving from a  marketing perspective to a corporate perspective […]Companies have to recover  the trust they have lost[nowadays] it is about having long term indicators  instead than short term  financial indicators” (Angel Alloza, CEO Corporate Excellence, Centre for Reputation Leadership)

“Organizations have to be consistent in the messages they send out  to stakeholders” (Craig Carroll,  Lipscomb University)

“Companies have changed the way they conceive what communication is.  In the past it was more about supporting a strategy that was already taken and  decided. Nowadays is more about helping this decision or strategy to be taken”(Laura Illia, IE University)

What would be your argument?

First published on Blog of IE School of Communication