By Eliran Drucker, IE International MBA 2011 graduate

You don’t value your freedom when you are a student. Any deliverable seems like a major issue that intervenes with any minute of awakens during your day, you are full with guilt and your conscious works extra hours. On the other hand, can you imagine having at least one week off every three months and whole August free when you are a full time employee? It just hit me while I was seating in my graduation ceremony of IE’s International MBA program – this year is over and although I was appreciating my time as a student during the program, I’ll probably value it more when I get back to work. It’s not only about the freedom, is about having an exceptional opportunity to live in an amazing city with a group of excellent people always around you.

My friends – the next generation of global senior executives were walking on stage getting the applauses they deserve, the spirit of our intake was preserved even at that moments, such a great people, it is hard to believe we won’t have the opportunity to sit in the same classroom again. We finish by saying the Spanish traditional “viva el Rey!” and went to meet our beloved ones.

In the after-ceremony cocktail, you learn who shaped each one of your friends. Their parents are standing right next to them, proud and supportive and funnily enough, talking and behaving in a very familiar way… The partners, the real heroes of this story, have been totally depended on our schedule and deliverables, celebrate with us. They had a significant part in this accomplishment and for a short while (until the next demanding job) they got us back.

Then, for the first time in this year, I managed to come back from a party at 7am like a real Madrileño. The key is efficient use of the open bar and huge amounts of goodbyes… we are so  used to seeing each other frequently on different venues and occasions and it feels strange that starting tomorrow, we might be thousand miles away. Why can’t we all work at the same company?