The other day we met with Tarun to talk about his first impressions on his new life at IE University. He started the BBA program in September 2011 and met with classmates from over 70 different countries. Tarun graduated with his IB Diploma from the Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) in Singapore.

What attracted you to come to IE University?
I have always wanted to study business or economics for my career and was on the lookout for exceptional universities in this area. IE University’s exceptional and innovative style of education was what drew me so strongly towards it. Its methodology and emphasis on practical knowledge through experience sets it apart from the other universities.

Tell us a little about your first impressions after your first semester studying the BBA and about the diversity on campus.
At first, I was under the impression that if I didn’t brush up my Spanish skills, I would find it difficult to adjust here. However, my experience here proved otherwise, especially due to the warm and friendly nature of the students here. Due to the extreme diversity, I have had first hand experience with people from all walks of life and have managed to build relationships regardless of borders and regions. If globalization is the ultimate goal of the world, IE University is probably Utopia already.

What is the thing you find most exciting about life at IE University so far, any difference with your country?
The most exciting difference is the abundance of opportunity that IE provides. While people would support freedom to pursue my own dreams in any part of the world, IE takes it a step further with the inclusion of the advisor, who does whatever they can to help you achieve what you want, and give direction and shape to your dreams. At IE, one can aspire to be anything, and the university will do its best, on its part, to help achieve that dream.