IE Business School has been ranked No. 8 in the world in Executive MBA programs by Financial Times.

The ranking considers IE’s Executive MBA one of the best in the world based on criteria that include graduates’ subsequent professional development, fulfilment of participants’ expectations, and salary increases. The result further consolidates IE’s position as a leading international business school for senior management training programs.

In this year’s edition, the FT ranking based its evaluations on 16 indicators of quality in Executive MBA programs at 100 business schools worldwide, including graduates’ degree of satisfaction, career progression and increase in salary in the years following the program, and the degree to which the program came up to their expectations. School-based criteria included diversity of program faculty, the program’s international content, and the school’s level of research.

IE Business School’s Executive MBA program offers both weekly and bi-weekly versions. The program has been totally restructured this year to comprise 3 main areas: Global Context of Business, Creating & Developing Business Strategies, and Executing Business Strategies.  It places a special focus on entrepreneurial management, the role of new content in finance, a personal strategy plan, and key elements like international experiences in different locations worldwide, rounded off with a consulting project or master class project.

IE Business School Executive MBA programs come in different formats, including 100% face-to-face sessions, and a blended format, which combines onsite and online learning, available in Spanish or English. They include the International Executive MBA Bi-weekly, a presential program run in English in Madrid, and the recently launched IE Brown Executive MBA, aimed at senior executives with an international profile, which this year has students from 14 countries. The program is run jointly with Brown University, an Ivy League university renowned for excellence in the field of humanistic, social and scientific disciplines. IE’s Executive MBA portfolio also includes the Global Executive MBA, a new blended English-taught program with onsite modules in Spain, China, US and Brazil.