Good tourist destination management is fundamental to territorial tourism competitiveness. The way in which destinations are planned, developed, managed, promoted and marketed, and how public- and private-sector stakeholders collaborate is fundamental to their competitive advantage.

This Virtual Master Class will examine the main drivers of tourist destination competitiveness and the variables that managers, in both the public and private sector, can influence in order to improve a destination’s competitive advantage and therefore, that of the local tourist industry. 

This conference will be held on Wednesday, September 28 at 12 noon Madrid time, 6 pm Singapore time. You will receive the link to the virtual conference room once you register online for this event using this link.

The Virtual Master Classes are brought to you by faculty members and speakers of the Executive Master in Tourism Management. This blended program last 13 months and combines 4 face-to-face periods in Madrid, Costa Rica, Singapore, Madrid with extended online periods where case discussions and conferences are held.