Prof Gomez with IE China Office in Shanghai

On the same day of IE Finance Day, September 22nd, we gladly had a Master Class with Prof Juan Pedro Gomez taking place in Shanghai, China.  The topic of this Master Class focused on Corporate Finance after the crises: beyond shareholder value maximization. This Master Class provided all prospective candidates a unique opportunity to obtain an IE classroom experience and also interact with IE professor and IE alumni. About 20 prospective candidates attended this event in Shanghai, around 60 percent of the attendance is from financial sector, and approximately 50 percent of the attendance is managerial level.

As a financial economist, there is nothing Juan Pedro Gomez likes better than to bury himself in complex statistics. But far from basing the assumptions he draws purely on these numbers or on abstract theories far removed from the real world, the work of Prof Juan Pedro Gomez is deeply rooted in the human psyche. “I get totally absorbed when I’m looking at the figures,” he says. “Particularly when I’m working with something that applies to a human relationship. There’s always asymmetry of information – and that applies to human relationship of all orders.”  Prof Juan Pedro Gomez used the real-life example of the film Wall Street to make the attendees have a better understanding of this Master Class.