Here is the dilemma: you need more acumen of Finance but either your family or your professional environment does not allow you to step out for one year to gain that knowledge. Sounds familiar?

Now. Here is the solution: IE launches this fall the Global Master in Finance, a 14 month blended Master Degree 100% dedicated to Finance. Based on the successful Finance full-time programs with a strong focus to the market and not the engineering side of Finance, this program uses Forum discussion and Videoconferences to discuss cases covering all areas of this important industry.

The learning methodolgy (blended learning) which combines online as well as face-to-face sessions has been used by IE Business School for almost 10 years in its blended MBA programs. Working in teams throughout the program keeps you committed and motivated – apart from getting engaged in discussions with people from all regions of the world sharing their experience in their particular Finance world.

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