To mark the conclusion of the IE Consulting Project (IECP), sixteen International MBA students recently presented their final projects to senior management of Unilever. 

The IECP is the latest example of the experiential learning opportunities available at IE Business School, which provides students with real world experience in identifying and solving problems in management.

 “Not only is the IE Consulting Project a rewarding opportunity for our students to work with Unilever, but the company likewise benefits from the energy, passion, and new ideas of our MBAs,” said Amrou Awaysheh, Professor of Operations Management and Faculty Director of IECP, which is now in its second year.

In this most recent project with Unilever, students were grouped into four teams of four and assigned to projects closely aligned with Unilever’s core activities including CSR, strategic planning, and process improvement.  For fourth months, the teams met with senior management, had access to exclusive company data, and visited various Unilever sites in Europe.

 The MBAs presented their final reports to senior Unilever management.  “The presentations were strong; the MBA students have given Unilever much to consider and a number of recommendations that can be implemented in future endeavors,” concluded Awaysheh. 

 “Once again I am extremely impressed with the caliber, professionalism and enthusiasm of the students and the work they have produced. Some projects were more strategic and others more operational, but in all cases the conclusions and recommendations have been practical, and applicable immediately to our business,” said Duncan McIver, Works Director of Unilever’s Aranjuez facility.  “After only one year the current students have elevated the standard to a level that will be a challenge for future students.”

McIver added: “As always, it has been a pleasure to work with the students and Professor Awaysheh on these projects, and it clearly demonstrates the caliber of the IE Business School.”