Starting in May 2011, IE accepts the CAIA exams, (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst), both Level I and Level II, as a replacement to the GMAT or GRE exam, one of the admissions requirement to IE´s Masters in Finance programs.

Before that, earlier this year, IE also officially started to accept CFA Level I as a substitute for GMAT or GRE for the Master in Finance & Global Master in Finance) and Level II for the Master in Advanced Finance program. In the past few years, plenty of IE´s candidates for the Masters in Finance programs presented their CFA exams during the admissions process.

Candidates to the Master in FinanceGlobal Master in Finance and Master in Advanced Finance programs therefore can submit either of the above four exam results at the time they apply to the program(s). Candidates for the Executive Master in Finance Biweekly have an additional option of taking the IE Admission test.