Why is entrepreneurship one of the core values of IE University?

The academic programs are entrepreneurial in their content and methodology as are the teaching style of the faculty, the spirit of IE staff and the mindset of IE University students. Everything at IE University is focused on motivating and providing specific skills for students to embark on their own projects using their own initiative.

IE University believes higher education should train undergraduates (future professionals and academics) and postgraduate students (more highly skilled professionals and academics) so they can transform the world round them. Entrepreneurship means the ability of our students and alumni to enrich their personal and professional lives, their society or community, with new and interesting projects. These projects include setting up new businesses in any industry, devising new processes and innovative methods or management and research, and creating new platforms and trends in communication and design, among others. This is augmented by IE University’s humanistic and integrated approach, as students learn from the start to integrate different skills and visions as they carry out projects in teams.

Listen to Lee Newman as he explains this.