Why is Humanities one of the core values of IE University?

The complex world we face today poses fascinating challenges for those beginning and those completing their educational journey. IE University’s higher education model is Humanistic in this respect. IE University expects its students, faculty and the entire university community to take a profound interest and obtain a good grounding in the Humanities, i.e. disciplines that help us understand the world we live in and gain an appreciation of other communities we share our history with.

IE University gives students the knowledge and understanding of other cultures, intellectual perspectives, historical and social situations, and artistic expressions. Through studying the Humanities, having academic exchange and research activities in the field of Humanities, and receiving active support by the entire faculty, undergraduate and postgraduate students gain an appreciation of the rich intellectual and cultural diversity of our world. This is mirrored in IE University’s programs and academic activities as follows:

  1. The Humanities are an essential part of the core curriculum. Undergraduate students study specific Humanities subjects in the IE Module, which summarizes IE University’s spirit
  2. In addition, the study of Ethics is part of all undergraduate programs, divided into General Ethics and Professional Deontology. Both form part of the IE Module at the undergraduate level.
  3. Many of IE University’s academic programs include compulsory and elective courses that are humanistic in their content and perspective.
  4. IE University has an interdisciplinary graduate school, the IE School of Arts and Humanities, which promotes IE University’s focus on the Humanities through teaching, research, and extracurricular activities.

The emphasis placed on Humanities has a practical component in line with the student profile that IE University develops. The Humanities provide an understanding of the richness of humankind’s personal, social, cultural, historic and artistic perspectives. They encourage a continuous search and inspiration for new ways of describing the world and undertaking projects. The humanities enable us to imagine new possibilities for being and doing, and allow professionals and academics to be innovative and entrepreneurial.

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