The hybridization of the real and the virtual

Whereas only a small group of the 2010 IMBA had the honor of chatting with BBVA´s President and CEO Francisco Gonzalez, now all IE students and indeed anyone interested, has the possibility of enjoying a similar, one to one learning experience, virtually. The multimedia case study and the 30 minute interview by Dean Santiago Iñíguez, who paid a visit to the BBVA Innovation Center in Madrid to talk to President Francisco González, discuss the bank´s unique business approach to the uncertainty brought by the financial crisis. The written case also includes an innovative way to view the interview on mobile phones – Just scan the QR code on the right to be redirected to the interview.

As Alba Funosa, IMBA alumni 2010, explains: “ Talking with the CEO of one of the biggest banks in the world one to one, about the bank´s future strategy and its internationalization, was really exciting!”
Real or virtual: an amazing learning experience.