IE University has created a Facebook application called “Trivia Challenge” , to enable internet users to gauge their knowledge about biology, architecture, communication, law, art history, psychology and tourism. The aim is to provide a fun way for young people, for whom new technologies and internet are a way of life, to get to know more about the different subjects taught at the IE University campus.

The application presents users with a challenge: it poses trivia-style questions that are divided into four levels, each of which represents a year of university studies. Each level comprises eight questions related to the different degrees at IE University. The aim of the game is to answer as many questions as possible correctly to get a score that will get you onto the “most knowledgeable” list.

IE University is firmly committed to the new environment based on social networks and the application of technologies to education. It sees social networks as a powerful tool for connecting with students, which is why you can find IE University on all key networking sites, including Youtube, Tuenti, Facebook, Myspace and Flickr.

IE University also recently launched a mobile site that permits thousands of mobile users to access the internet and interact through its portal at, where people can find information on the University, its bachelor programs, social networks and a strategy game.

See the Trivia Challenge application on FACEBOOK!