1241624495_5d27A joint initiative for research and training for commerce, entrepreneurship and organizational Management
IE Business School and Brown University are delighted to announce the formalization of a multifaceted relationship, bringing together one of Europe’s leading business schools and a leading North American research university.

Brown and IE share a commitment to academic excellence and to innovation in research and teaching. Both are committed to the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit in the academic world no less than in the worlds of management and technological innovation.

We anticipate developing a wide range of research and teaching opportunities together over the coming years as we explore synergies between our interdisciplinary approaches to graduate and undergraduate training for leadership in our increasingly global world.

“This initiative comes at a particularly propitious time, as the global economic situation calls for a systematic rethinking of financial systems and management paradigms. There needs to be a much wider approach to understanding the role of corporations and managers within our global society. Managers need to be exposed to broader philosophies and schools of thought, building a wider vision of value creation and sustainability. This alliance is a major step forward in developing a higher education model which is focused on developing students who are global citizens as well as well rounded professionals” says Santiago Iñiguez, Dean of IE Business School.

To support this agenda, Brown and IE seek to link the expertise of the two institutions in a number of innovative exchanges and programs. Utilizing the strengths of IE Business School in management and Brown’s excellence in the humanities, social, biological and physical sciences, both institutions seek to foster a platform of interdisciplinary research and teaching. This will be supported through exchanges of faculty and students from various programs and at different levels of each school.

David Kennedy, Vice President of International Affairs at Brown University described the new relationship as an opportunity to focus on innovative approaches to management. “The future of management and leadership education lies in reimagining the MBA and other management programs so as to link traditional analytic skills with humanist and scientific learning, pursue interdisciplinary research across a broad range of fields relating to organizational, economic and social dynamics, and develop new pedagogic and research avenues in the fields of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.”

Brown’s undergraduate program on Commerce, Organization and Entrepreneurship will be a key component of the relationship with IE, as will Brown’s Master’s Program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (PRIME). We expect additional synergies among our summer and continuing education, adult education and executive education offerings, both in Rhode Island and in Spain.

One of the first major ventures to be launched will be an IE Executive MBA developed through an alliance between IE and Brown’s Continuing Education division. IE will launch a version of its top ranked International Executive MBA with some distinct characteristics developed with Brown in the summer of 2009, aiming to commence the program in the fall of 2010. Aimed at senior executives with more than 10 years work experience, the program will draw on IE’s expertise in blended learning formats, linking state of the art online learning methodologies and face to face periods. This program will include residential periods on Brown’s campus in Providence Rhode Island and IE’s centre in Madrid. Faculty from both institutions will be involved in the design and delivery of the program, which will primarily be taught by leading faculty from IE’s world renowned faculty. This effort represents a major step for Brown in the field of continuing, adult and on-line education.

“This promises to be a truly innovative program in terms of content and delivery. The opportunity for participants to take part in an internationally diverse, blended program whilst exploring some exciting new approaches to management through disciplines in the humanities and physical sciences, promises to be a really unique experience.”