master-in-sports-managementProfessor Raúl Respaldiza and the students of the Master in Sports Management visit one of the world’s best known sporting venues.

During the first face-to-face period in February 2009 in Madrid, the students of the Master in Sports Management and Professor Raúl Respaldiza had the opportunity of visiting the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. As part of the “Sports Facilities and Property Business” class, students and the manager of the facility analyzed the key success factors for the successful management of this large “multi-use venue”. It was not only soccer fans who were impressed with the professionalism and range of facilities, as one of the students mentioned: “An amazing experience. It was an excellent field study of sporting facilities (and other MSM topics).”

Within the same module the students also visited the Telefónica Arena Madrid, another sports facility which is part of Madrid’s 2016 Olympic bid.

These visits are just an example of the IE learning experience, where learning goes beyond classroom education. For more creative learning approaches, just visit Learning experIEnces.