IE Masters in FinanceBeginning of this year 2009, IE has inaugurated its second Finance Master program in just only a couple of months: Master in Advanced Finance. All initial projections about the influence of the biggest financial turmoil in history which we are currently experiencing and the down sliding interest in Finance careers were proven wrong. The Master in Advanced Finance started with more than expected students. From 17 different nationalities, there is no dominant region in the class indicating that this industry is really global.

The participants have on average about 4 years of work experience coming with around 60% directly from the financial industry and 40% with the keen interest to move there. The statistic shows as well that this sector is still man-dominated as more than 4/5 of the participants are male.

In comparison the previously offered Master in Financial Management, the redesigned IE Master in Finance programs could boost the enrolment by more than 80% and diversify the geographic background from 19 to 37 nationalities. This clearly positions IE as one of the leading Finance schools with its market driven approach.

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