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Hello, everybody. It’s a great pleasure to introduce myself through this blog: Estela Ye Ping, alumni of IE International MBA 2004 and actual representative of IE’s China Office.
Here, I would like to send a message about the launching of IE “Greater China Club” (IE GCC).
There is no doubt that with China emerging as a global economy giant, the Greater China Region presents the most exciting business opportunities and the biggest economic challenges that most of us have experienced in our professional careers. In recognition of this “China Factor”, IE is offering an array of admission, academics and alumni activities in Greater China region. And the number of Greater China students in IE is also growing rapidly.
The aim of launching the “Greater China Club” is to build a close-knit community for all those students and alumni who are professionally or culturally interested in the Greater China Region, no matter their nationalities and backgrounds. The IE GCC could become a platform to promote the understanding of the culture and business environment of the Greater China region, to dispel misconceptions, to exchange information, to challenge ideas, to explore career opportunities, to facilitate bonding experiences about China among IE students, to enhance IE’s name recognition in China, and much more…
With the full support of IE, I would like to invite you to join IE “Greater China Club”. Please contact the Student Office for registration before the 25th of November.
My email address is:
大家好!我很高兴能通过我们IE中国社区的搏客网介绍自己。我的名字叫叶屏(ESTELA YE)。我是IE国际MBA2004届的毕业生。现在是IE大中华地区(中国大陆,香港地区和台湾)代表处的代表,常驻在马德里。