Madrid, 14 November 2008. IE Business School holds the No. 2 position worldwide in the BusinessWeek ranking of non-US MBA programs. The authors of the ranking, published every two years, pointed to the student body of IE’s International MBA Program as one of the key factors for success. Students on the program come from 57 countries in the five continents, making it one of the most diverse in the world.
马德里,2008年11月14日;IE商学院在全球MBA(不含美国)课程中排名第二。每两年出版一次的该排名表认为IE商学院的国际MBA课程是IE MBA课程成功的主要因素之一。IE国际MBA的学员来自全球57个国家和地区,

This year the BusinessWeek ranking evaluated the responses of 7,264 MBA graduates of 98 business schools around the world to find out their opinion on parameters that included the academic quality of the program, careers services and alumni network potential. It also analyzed the opinion of over 240 recruiting companies that hire MBA graduates in their organizations, as well as ranking the level of research among faculty based on publications in specialized journals and reviews of the books in media agencies like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal or BusinessWeek itself.
BusinessWeek underscored the international growth of IE Business School, which recently opened new international offices in Singapore, Dubai, Berlin and Lisbon, in addition to existing offices in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Central America, China, Chile, Ecuador, United States, –with delegations in Los Angeles, Miami and New York-, India, Mexico, Peru, Russia and Venezuela. This international growth translates directly into the School’s high numbers of international students, which have increased by 232% over the last 8 years. The number of Asian students and American students has multiplied by 5 since the year 2,000, the number of students from Turkey, Africa and the Middle has tripled and the number of students from European countries has doubled.
BusinessWeek also highlighted the innovative format of IE Business School’s International MBA Program, which has a new structure designed to intensify students’ international experience. New features include an intensive two-week pre-program, during which students have classes on communication with the support of actors from Shakespeare’s Globe, London’s iconic theatre. They will be taking design workshops with professors from London’s Architectural Association School of Architecture, which is associated with architects like Norman Foster, David Chipperfield and Zaha Hadid. There will also be a humanities module to deepen students’ knowledge in areas such as the Arab world, Indian and Chinese civilizations, the history of Spain and contemporary culture.
《商业周刊》还突出了IE国际MBA课程的创新形式,她的创新结构旨在丰富学员的全球经验。国际课程包括了两周的学前课程,在此期间,开设了由Shakespeare’s Globe和London’s iconic theatre专业演员支持的传媒课程:由London’s Architectural Association School of Architecture的老师主持、Norman Foster, David Chipperfield 和 Zaha Hadid三位著名建筑师参与的设计课程:同时,还开设了人文课程以增加学员对阿拉伯、印度和中国文化的了解,对西班牙历史和当代文化的认识。