正如中国企业峰会(亚洲经济论坛)上对中国经济现状的总结时所说的:“中国正经历着有史以来最令人瞩目的发展”。以此为契机,中国的本土人民和文化,外来商业和政府职能,交织在一起组成了一个史无前例,独一无二又繁华眩目的独特群体。《中国开创变革新纪元》一书对此进行了深刻的阐述(出版社:John Wiley, 纽约、新加坡 2003版(New York and Singapore 2003);合编:Pamela C.M. Mar(世界经济论坛))。
A uniquely diverse group of Chinese and foreign business and government leaders was brought together on the occasion of the China Business Summit (World Economic Forum) to address and comment on China’s most significant growth challenges.
• Hank M. Paulson, Chairman and CEO, Goldman Sachs
• Cheng Siwei, Senior Vice Chairman, National People’s Congress
• Victor L.L. Chu, Chairman, First Eastern Investment Group
The result is a thought-provoking commentary on China’s evolution and a handbook for charting the country’s development. The scenarios predict China’s evolution over the next decade with the hope to contribute to the knowledge of how China can capitalize on and enhance the positive elements, while dealing with the negative.
The authors present an interesting and useful look at envisioning a ‘worst case’ and creating a ‘best case’ scenario for the future of China.
Kim Hak-Su, Executive Secretary, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)
The book analyzes and deeply discusses the unprecedented development, the economic reform and the opening of China from a fresh perspective.