master-in-finance-opening-ceremony-2008.jpgJust some days ago IE Business School inaugurated its Master in Finance the first 100% Finance focused program. This program is along with the Master in Advanced Finance the continuation of the Master in Financial Management.  Even though the financial industry is not experiencing its best moment and every minute there can be a new money devalueing news on the ticker, 35 students decided to dedicate the next 10 months to immerse into the academic world of finance.

Over this period they will learn about key areas in today’s finance including derivatives, mergers and acquisitions
or private equity and covers up-to-the-minute fields that now play a critical role in the finance world, such risk control as emerging markets, current global economic issues, financial entrepreneurship and how to invest in markets.

That Finance is not anymore a male domain demonstrates the high percentage of women in this intake with nearly 1/3 of the entire class. The globalization of the world economy and its financial system makes that there is a wide spread of nationalities – 25 – with no dominant culture in class. Asia is represented with roughly 15% of the class and shows the increasing importance of this region in the financial industry.

Just only 11% of the class brings previous industry experience into the classroom where the work experience is around the targeted 1 year. Once they finish the program in July 2009, will start as analyst in the investment banking, private equity or hedge funds in those companies which has survived the current crisis.

If you wish to learn more about the Master in Finance or the Master in Advanced Finance just click the corresponding link.