multimedia.jpgIE Business School has opened the access to its multimedia documentation for individual and personal use, under a creative commons license. Finally this long internally discussed project is going alive and shows to the public in which fields IE innovates and creates value to society.

IE develops multimedia documentation for both online and face to face courses. More than one hundred modules across all management areas have been developed in house. These modules include multimedia case studies, simulations, online games, interactive graphs and exercises. This documentation is not intended for self study but as support documentation for professor guided courses, which demonstrates that IE feels that the value add of a business school lies definitely not in the content but in the delivery.

Just as an example, you may go through 1 hour of videos, a variety of interactive graphics and, in particular, audio files of interviews with the members of the executive team of FC Barcelona to learn about their strategy and structure proposed aiming to become the best football club in the world.

Explore the IE Multimedia Documentation and enjoy yourself here.