IE Business School holds the No. 10 position worldwide and No. 5 in Europe in the annual ranking of MBA programs published by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

The EIU ranking positions IE Business School 6th in the world in terms of network potential and points out that IE has alumni clubs in 49 countries. The survey also places IE 7th in the world in terms of its capacity to open new career development opportunities for its MBA students. In this regard, on October 6 IE will hold its 7th annual Careers Fair, with over 150 participating Spanish and international companies. The Fair will feature corporate presentations and interviews with some 800 IE students and alumni, making it a key event in the sector.

Some 20,000 students and alumni from around the world have participated in the Economist Intelligence Unit ranking , which is based on criteria that includes access to new career opportunities following the MBA, personal development, academic quality, the diversity of the student body, the degree of internationalisation of the MBA program, salary progression or the importance placed on networking.

MBA programs at IE Business School develop not only management knowledge, but also key skills like communication, negotiation, teamwork and project leadership. This integral focus, together with the high level of internationalisation of IE programs and its profoundly innovative and entrepreneurial approach, serves as a catalyst for the professional advancement of the Schoolâ??s 35,000 alumni, who hold management positions in over 100 countries.