1558.jpgIE Business School, Sun Microsystems, and Pueblo Inglés have received awards for contributing to the development of innovative contents and tools to improve training programs.

Indra, the leading IT multinational in Spain and Europe held the 1st Edition of the Univerhsus Awards for Innovation, designed to recognize the work carried out by institutions and partners that collaborate with the development of its Univerhsus on-line teaching platform. Sun Microsystems was given the award for the Technical Communities category, IE Business School for the Skills and Functions Learning Communities category, and Pueblo Inglés for languages.

Indraâ??s Director of Human Resources, Francisco Martín Monteagudo, presented the awards at the event held this morning at the company´s offices in Madrid. IEâ??s award was collected by Joaquín Garralda, Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs; the Sun Microsystems award was collected by Carlos Mazón, Director of Services; and the award for Pueblo Inglés, was collected by Juan Carlos Medina, Managing Director and founding partner of the company.

Indra is committed to using its Univerhsus platform to provide its workforce with open management education programmes with practical contents and flexible access. It also features a multichannel design that combines documents, videos, podcasts and virtual classrooms.

IE has collaborated with the company to prepare on-line courses based on the past experience of companies, regularly providing technical notes on issues ranging from leadership skills and teamwork to business intelligence and management technologies. Furthermore, the School offers weekly video lessons in which its experts carry out detailed analyses of key issues, and which provide its vision of the best practices in corporate training.

For its part, Sun Microsystems provides the Univerhsus platform with technical contents for its products and open-source software, documentation, interactive software learning films (screencasts) and videos featuring expert opinions. In addition, Indra and Sun Microsystems have agreed to hold virtual seminars on new technologies. Seminar participants are provided with complementary documents which encourages subsequent debate in discussion communities.

Finally the language course provider, Pueblo Inglés, offers training programmes in the virtual classrooms of the Univerhsus platform, to which members of the company´s workforce connect for 45 minutes every day. This tool is rounded off by radio programmes in English, videos and lessons in Flash, along with other teaching methods.

Accordingly, Indra continues to raise the levels of its management education tools with a view to guaranteeing the quality of the services and solutions it offers its customers and fostering careers development among its employees.