Nowadays, in our global world, the phenomenon of online social networking is critical to achieve success. Before the age of the business social networking it was hard to convene other internet users or business associates online. Not only have business social networking websites made it safer to meet up people online and search for jobs, recruit online, it also allows you to meet people with the same or similar interests.

On May 13 IE Business School host a conference about one of the leading social networking sides in the world: XING. Our guest speakers to this event Lars Hinrichs (founder and CEO of XING company) and Lutz Emmerich (General Manager XING Spain) will talk about this web 2.0 phenomenon, the advantages of using online social networking and the XING business experience. Far more than a directory of business contacts, XING enables its members to discover professional people, opportunities and privileges through its unique discovery capability and advanced contact management tools. With the successful IPO of XING as the first Web 2.0 company to go public, XING AG has had a long-term impact on the social networking trend amongst professionals. By focusing on the target group â??business people worldwideâ?, the company is able to offer tailored features, thereby making networking and contact management simpler. Besides Headquarters in Hamburg, XING AG is also represented with offices in Barcelona, Istanbul und Beijing.

This is a great opportunity to all of you to learn the opinions, and also interact with two of the most outstanding leaders in this field, Lars Hinrichs and Lutz Emmerich.