exedu-at-ie-business-school.jpgIE Business School holds 5th position worldwide in open executive training programs, according to the Financial Timesâ?? 2008 Executive Education Ranking.

The survey, which analyses the quality of executive training around the world, places IE Business School 16 worldwide in the combined ranking that evaluates the quality of both open programs and customized training. IE has climbed 11 places this year in the section that covers customized programs, placing it 41st in the world. These results show an overall rise in IEâ??s position vis-à-vis last yearâ??s ranking, when the school was ranked 7th worldwide in terms of open programs, 52nd in company programs and 22nd in the combined ranking.

Among open programs at IE Business School, the FT ranking highlights the Advanced Management Program (AMP), the Senior Management Program (SMP), and the Global Senior Management Program, run jointly with University of Chicago GSB in Madrid and London. IE Business School open training programs also include the â??IE Business Leadership Forumâ??, attended by Presidents, Vice-Presidents and CEOs of leading firms, who meet on a monthly basis with key players from the worlds of politics, finance, economy and business. This platform for debate fosters the contrast of ideas and the forecasting of political and economic trends in different regions of the world, which provides a snapshot of global realities. Recent participants in the â??IE Business Leadership Forumâ?? include George Soros, Edward Prescott, Klaus Schwab, Mikhail Kasianov or Kishore Mahbubani.

The Financial Times ranking analyses different parameters related to quality in executive education programs. Said parameters include the degree of satisfaction of participants with regard to course preparation and design, faculty, international focus of the program, student profiles, the development of management skills, and the fulfilment of expectations. Experts have contrasted the opinions of participants and client firms during their analysis of both open programs and in-company programs.