cfa-2.jpgTeams comprising students from IE Business Schools Master in Financial Management have received the 2nd and 3rd prizes in the third edition of CFA Spainâ??s Financial Analysis Competition, run in collaboration with Bolsas y Mercados Españoles, Sol Meliá and Spanish daily El Economista. 2nd prize went to the team formed by Ahmed Al Balooshi (Bahrain), Ameya Prabhu (India), Dominik Lanz (Germany), Miguel Moreda (U.S.) and Helga Johannsdottir (Iceland). The 3rd prize went to the team comprised of Ankit Mathur (India), Alexander Tewaag (Germany), Jantiene Maat (Holland), Norma Clemente (Mexico) and Christopher Merl (Germany).

This year, participants had to draft a report on the Sol Meliá hotel chain, including an evaluation and a recommendation for the purchase or sale of the firm. In the prize ceremony, the organizers highlighted the fact that each year participants â??raise the barâ?. cfa-3.jpg

â??2008 has been a year of particularly high levels of quality, and it has been extremely difficult for the judges panel to select a winner in such a close-run competition,â? said Ángel Santodomingo, president of CFA Spain.

Already in 2007, IEâ??s students from this program won the 1st prize of this competition with the best equity research project.

CFA Spain is the organization that guarantees the title of Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) in Spain, a qualification that distinguishes professionals in the banking and financial markets sectors worldwide.

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