MBA students at the IE Business School in Madrid, Spain will get to sharpen their creative and critical thinking skills thanks to the introduction of humanities to the instituteâ??s core curriculum.

â??In a time of turmoil and change, reflection on the core values of humanity â?? on ethics, philosophy, art and aesthetics â?? is more important than ever,â? said David Bach, associate dean of MBA programmes. He said the line of study encouraged reflection, critical thinking and adaptive leadership in challenging cross-cultural settings, and this was essential for managerial success in the 21st century. The two-week module, called Launch, is deliberately scheduled at the beginning of the MBA programme to underscore its importance in the curriculum. Students will be introduced to the great eastern and western civilisations, while participating in discussions on modern art and experiencing a taste of moral philosophy. A range of other humanities electives is also available for them to choose from later on in the programme.

â??The module sets the stage for the personal transformation that an MBA programme ought to be for a student,â? Professor Bach said. â??This is a place where your thinking breaks out of existing moulds, where you begin to see things differently, where you start understanding deep connections.â? He said this process helped produce better business managers. â??These students will become young professionals who see diversity as a driver of innovation â?¦ they are always looking for something new â?? a different perspective, an alternative angle.â?

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This in an excerpt of an article which was published in the South China Morning Post on February 16, 2008.