conferencia-met1.JPGCharmaine Eggberry, Vice President and Managing Director of EMEA at Research In Motion, talks on behalf of the MET Program about how the mentoring helps participants to achieve both personal and professional success in the â??IT & Technology Women Business Leadersâ? conference held at IE Business School.

The conference examines how four key factors – communication, technology, people, and commitment – help companies achieve success, in line with the underlying philosophy of the MET Program.

The address given by Charmaine Eggberry (in the photo on the right together with Yanire Braña, director of the MET Program), who is also a member of IEâ??s MET Program advisory board, underlined the fact that people play a key role in a companyâ??s success and made the following recommendations:

1) Use technology as a communication tool to manage talent and enable a flexible corporate structure.
2) To achieve success, both the company and employees need to find ways to share their common objectives, on the basis of which employees can develop their full capacity both in and out of the company, thus finally leading to their long- term commitment to the company.
3) Companies need to identify as many diversified talents as possible whose vision and skills are in line with corporate development strategies.

The conference serves to complement the programâ??s highly participative approach, which includes methods like online mentoring, forum discussion, and blogs. The main objective is to building on previous virtual communication to further strengthen the connection among participants.

See the video, she gave meanwhile Charmaine was at IE.

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